Zimbabwean incumbent Tel-One last week announced the long-awaited commissioning of a USD33 billion state-of-the-art radio link on the Beitbridge-Gweru-Harare route. The new system replaces the analogue radio system which could no longer cope with Zimbabwe's busiest route.

Tel One said the digitilisation of the line would improve service for customers who require high-speed data transmissions through leased circuits.

"This new technology, will also go a long way in meeting the ever increasing demand of those customers who need high speed data transmissions through leased circuits, thus removing the perennial traffic congestion previously experienced between the two countries," said Wellington Makamure, Tel One Managing Director.

It is envisaged that the new data exchange system will solve the perennial problem of traffic congestion previously experienced. Tel-One added that SDH would also see enhanced delivery of services international mobile call processing. This project to upgrade the local communications technology system is said to have come courtesy of regional co-operation of the SADC regional information infrastructure initiative.

Furthermore, the development will complement the international gateway installed in Harare last year, while the local phone operator is in the process of putting up a modern International gateway switch in Gweru.

A few weeks ago the company was reported to have entered into agreement with a Chinese telcoms equipment manufacturer, Huawei Technology, that would advance soft loans to the company to upgrade its communication systems. The deal was for USD35 million and will include local wireless loop equipment.

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