Telecoms News - In Brief


- Telecom Egypt and Ericsson have signed a contract for the supply of a multi-service network in Egypt in the region of Alexandria. The new network will provide both traditional narrowband services like wireline telephony and broadband service for fast Internet communications for both private and corporate subscribers.

- On the final day of negotiations, SA's Telkom and its three communication unions have reached an agreement regarding the monopoly's proposed job cuts. Telkom is hoping to reduce its staff by some 1,381 jobs by the end of this year, and had sought to offer employees the option of voluntary retrenchment or early retirement, or for those whose jobs became redundant, the opportunity to be placed with Telkom's Agency for Career Opportunities for up to 12 months with full pay and benefits, while awaiting redeployment or reskilling.

* Senegalese call centre operator Premium Contact Center International will have doubled its capacity by the end of September from 700 employees to 1500. The extension of its employee capacity has involved an investment in the region of FCFA 4.5 billion.