- Lyndall Shope-Mafole has been appointed Director-General of South Africa's Department of Communications. Announcing the appointment from a conference in Rumania, Minister of Communications Dr Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri said:"Ms Lyndall Shope-Mafole brings with her a wealth of experience technically, managerially and politically. She has vast experience as an activist for developing nations in various international ICT forums. She has also been closely involved in the evolution of the South African ICT sector".

The African Telecommunications Union (ATU) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have been called to put more effort in the promotion and investment in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure by Sentech's Chief Operating Officer, speaking at the Highway Africa Conference. Presenting a paper at the plenary session of the conference Gladwin Marumo said inadequate infrastructure makes the industries very uncompetitive hence organisations like the ATU and ITU needs to come put in more effort, writes Timothy Kasolo. He cited a project that his company is undertaking in Gauteng province of South Africa where the Sentech has connected about 1100 schools to the internet.

- On the move: Paul Fitchet is leaving Iridium Satellite LLC...Comztech has appointed a Citrix Product Manager - Donovan Mooney - to look after the channel.