Telecoms News - In Brief


- A Ugandan computer software writer has petitioned the Commercial Court to stop Uganda's MTN subsidiary from using their airtime software between two subscribers until a copyright suit they filed against the communication firm is resolved. Digital Solutions Limited claims they developed and wrote a software programme which enables airtime and service fee transfers between pre-paid mobile telephone subscribers possible by short messages, which MTN allegedly infringed. Applying for a temporary injunction on MTN against further usage of the software programme, A.F. Mpanga, Digital's advocate told Justice Stella Arach-Amoko that the software, which runs MTN's Me2U was the brain child of his client.

- Word reaches us that agreement between Mali's Sotelma and Sonatel was held up because the former wanted to charge Ikatel (owned by Sonatel and France Telecom) as much for the fibre to leave Mali as Sonatel was charging to reach the SAT3 landing point in Senegal. Both have agreed to these high rates and as a result Sotelma is not using the fibre and prices remain high in Mali. This is particularly depressing as the privatisation of Sotelma has run aground because there have been no international takers for the company.

- Grayling Wireless USA Inc has opened a subsidiary in Botswana called Virtual Wave Botswana Pty.