Telecoms News - In Brief


- The Liberia Telecommunication Corporation Workers‚ Union has suspended a Planned strike action due Wednesday. The workers decision followed an appeal by the Corporation's New Manager, Amara Kromah. The workers strike was to press for the payment of four months salary arrears and better working condition.

- In Niger, Celtel has recently announced that it has hit the 80,000 subscriber mark and is now covering 80% of the population. The Prime Minister has announced that Sonitel will lose its monopoly by the end of December 2005. The Government is anxious to make sure that everything is in place in bandwidth terms when the international press arrives for the Francophone Games to be held in Niamey. The employees union for Sonitel lost its case over the unpopular Chinese women manager from ZTE: the Court ruled that because they had walked off the job unilaterally they were in breach of contract.

- The cynics in South Africa are saying that the recent competition framework was slipped in just ahead of the meeting of the Presidential Commission on ICT (which includes powerful multinationals like Microsoft). Why? Because the last time the Commission met it said it wanted to see progress on liberalisation.

- The Ghanaian Government wants to privatise Voltacom’s fibre network which has largely been unused since it was first built. There’s an election in December of this year which may upset things but the Government looks set to get a second term…There’s no progress on sorting out Westel.

- The latest entrepreneurs on the street corners of Accra? The “umbrella-sellers” who sell pre-paid time to make calls on mobiles to passers-by.

- Alcatel is planning to inaugurate its new office in Egypt at the Smart Village in Cairo on September 28th, 2004.