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- Francis Quartey, IDN has done a VoIP calling deal with Ghana Telecom but other ISPs have not had the chance to reach the same arrangement…the Ghanaian regulator NCA is meant to be generating a paper on the subject (assisted by a World Bank consultant) but haven’t we been here before?…Outgoing calls are not mentioned in the draft telecommunications act which seems to be an oversight…Ghana Telecom is offering GISPA bandwidth at USD7,900 mbps…IP Planet has put in a counter-offer of USD7,800. Another international carrier was also going to put an offer to GISPA but seems to have fallen out with Ghana Telecom over it.

- Ghanaian cyber-café Busy Internet is about to put in place charging for its wireless hot-spot. There are now quite large numbers of people using it.

- Rumours reach us that an African ISP is about to open an operation in Dakar.

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