PM Tech Holdings has introduced the latest version of its acclaimed Business System Monitoring (BSM) enterprise-wide solution, Enterprise Gauge, which offers a number of enhancements and features that is now built on Open Source architecture.

Developed by PM Tech's software division, PM Ora Software, version 4 offers all the well-known functionality that has made it the company's flagship product, plus the added benefits of running an open source-based solution.

One of Enterprise Gauge 4's most important enhancements it that it's now entirely based on Java, running on multiple databases such as MySQL as well as Apache Tomcat web server.

Since its rollout, almost 5 years ago, Enterprise Gauge has enabled companies to proactively identify problem areas within their IT infrastructures, ensuring that notifications and alerts are generated before it is too late.

Indeed, Enterprise Gauge monitors and connects four crucial layers of the enterprise-wide environment: fault; configuration; performance; and security - proactively providing notifications should issues arise.

PM Ora Software has also greatly simplified version 4's deployment process and now features an integrated default option enabling it to be installed within 10 minutes. Simply press "next", "next" etc and you're done.

"With Enterprise Gauge version 4, we've not only strived to rollout a BSM solution that is packed with new functionality, but to also align ourselves closely with the country's Open Source service providers," comments Cornel van Lingen, product manager at PM Ora Software.

Enterprise Gauge version 4's also features a new front-end client UI (user interface) Java WebStart that offers enhanced intuitive and customisation functionalities such as the ability to simply "drag and drop" information.

Looking at other new features, version 4's Business Map dashboard enables companies to import any map and "drag and drop" it in Enterprise Gauge. This will assist companies to more accurately plan, assess and monitor their systems, for example, users can now display their environments graphically.

Also, Enterprise Gauge now features an Application Programming Interface (API)that can be customised to add any object into the software, which means that basically anything can be monitored. The API consists of two Java classes (Connected and Executed) that will appear to the user as standard object type with flashing icons, reports and notifications.