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- The President of Cameroon was announced dead on a web site last year and had to leave the country he was visiting to return home to prove he was still alive. The authorities in the USA were able to identify the individual as a Cameroonian living in the States but no prosecution followed. Perhaps anxious to avoid future misunderstandings the President launched his own website last Thursday: www.presidentielle2004.gov.cm

- A Web site that promotes positive news about SA is growing substantially, say its creators.The privately run, non-commercial Web site, www.positivelysa.co.za, aims to "offer a central repository of engaging positive facts and inspirational quotes most relevant to SA today".Readership has grown from around 2 000 readers in its first two months to 14 000 at present, with positive feedback from readers. "We've only received three negative responses and that was in the first two months when we launched the site," says De Klerk.