Sky 2 Net LTD announced last week that it ordered a Satellite Hub from Shiron Satellite Communication LTD. The Intersky Hub 3.0 is the most advanced Hub. The location of the Hub was not announced yet but according to sources in Sky 2 Net LTD there are few options like Accra Ghana (where it will be connected to the SAT 3 fiber) and will provide C-Band and Ku Band coverage of all Africa with broadband Internet. The other option is Cyprus with coverage of Africa and the Middle East. Sky 2 Net LTD is a provider of Broadband Internet, VOIP and other application based on Internet Platform in Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The Intersky 3.0 System moves into the Next Generation with Enhanced Features and New Remote Terminals.InterSKY(tm) 3.0 supports all features from previous generations and several exciting new features. These features include burst mode operation, a DVB-RCS compatible return channel, support for turbo codes and iRG 30 and RG-384 Remote Gateways that are upgradeable over satellite. In addition, the system uses a Multi-Channel Demodulator (MCD) that is based on a new bandwidth processing approach. This next generation demodulator and accompanying controller allow for a compact system that fits all in one rack.InterSKY(tm) 3.0 is highly scalable, allowing clients to start with a small system and build up according to their needs and desired financial investment.

The iRG 30 is a compact terminal that can either operate in PAMA mode (DVB outbound and SCPC inbound) or as an integral part of the InterSKY(tm) system. It has the distinction of being the only terminal currently on the market to support SCPC, DAMA, PAMA, DVB-S and DVB-RCS. The iRG 30 is the third Remote Gateway in Shiron's product line and the first of the new iRG terminals.

The terminal supports turbo codes and data rates of up to 384 Kbps, has enhanced DVB-RCS software and supports dual continuous and burst mode operation.