Internet News - In Brief


- Ghana Telecom has been told not to go ahead with its ADSL product offer by the regulator NCA while it looks at anti-competitive pricing issues. The same has also happened in Kenya. Telkom Kenya put up internet prices by 30%, giving only 30 days notice. It has been ordered by Kenyan regulator to hold its prices down. On ADSL, it had begun to systematically target existing ISP customers (as the only international bandwidth provider it had their details). It has taken five months for CCK to order them to disconnect these customers, a ruling Telkom Kenya is currently ignoring.

Ghana’s GISPA is making steady progress in its negotiations with Ghana Telecom and prices are now “on-the-table”.

- Nigeria’s Jigawa State Government has completed an extensive network for use by its civil service and others. Kano State is also seeking to build a similar network but is looking for a private-private partnership. If a private partner will invest 40%, it will put in the remaining 60%.