The Go Open Source campaign today launched GOSSIP, an online who's who of South African open source companies and companies.

“Called GOSSIP – an abbreviation for Guide to Open Source Software Initiatives and People – this new section of the Go Open Source website essentially plays the role of a who's who directory to open source experts, organisations (both profit and non-profit focused) and initiatives taking place in South Africa,” says Adi Attar, OpenSpeak focus area leader at the CSIR – a member of the Go Open Source campaign.

“We believe GOSSIP will play a vital role in convincing potential home and corporate users interested in adopting open source technology of its viability as an alternative by the fact that sufficient support, training, and general open source resources exist,” says Attar.

“The directory will also give parties an opportunity to make the public aware of what initiatives and projects are underway in South Africa and how open source is being used in those projects and initiatives.”

Attar says Go Open Source plans to ensure that the GOSSIP registry is easy to use for site visitors and that the directory is kept updated with the latest happenings in the market. Organisations or individuals wanting to contribute can register on the website easily, by simply filling out the feedback form which can be accessed from the the GOSSIP section on the site.

“We are going to great efforts to ensure the list contains legitimate open source focused resources so that site visitors are guaranteed that the list contains both current and quality checked details,” she says.

“In terms of the future of GOSSIP, we plan on growing the base of information available to the public and keep that information up to date. In light of this we will be running regular update drives and continue our efforts with a view to expanding the information base to include other counties in Africa,” Attar concludes.