Kenya Airways (KA) is in the process of commencing electronic ticketing at its agencies.The airways country manager, Emmanuel Okware, said this during a press conference in Kampala last week."This is in accordance with modern industry and International Air Transport Association's recommended practice," Okware said.He said electronic ticketing documents the sale and track usage of passenger transportation and related services without requiring the issuance of paper value documents.

Okware said, "It involves storage of all details of the ticket in the airline's computer system."Okware said the process will not be completely paperless because in case of international travel.Okware said passengers will be provided with printed information in an itinerary receipt, giving details of the ticket purchased and legal notices to conform with government regulations .He said the itinerary receipt will be used for passengers' identification.

"The itinerary receipt document will replace the current practice of showing a ticket or boarding card for access to departure lounges and gates. It will also facilitate entitlement for duty-free purchases," Okware said.

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