IP Planet Network announced last week the launch of VoipSAT - its new service for worldwide voice termination. The international voice services are being delivered through VipSAT - C-Band, VSAT/Hub-based Internet backbone connectivity services to Cyber-Cafes, Voice-over-IP providers, corporate and government customers in Africa.

  VoipSAT allows the end user to call to any destination worldwide, using a VoIP phone or a regular phone with a VoIP gateway connected to a VipSAT terminal, and pay a highly competitive rate. IP Planet's remote terminals are provided with an integral Voice-over-IP gateway that enables the operation of a telephone set for international calling. IP Planet's service includes competitive international calling rates, web-based billing software and easy reporting for both end users and VoIP service providers.

  VipSAT includes a range of services that can match the usage profile of a diverse group of customer segment and applications. Uplink services range from 32Kbps to 384 Kbps on both a dedicated and burstable basis. Downlink services can grow up to 2Mbps and more. These bandwidth packages can match the needs of a wide variety of organizations that require multiple voice channels for international calling, Internet browsing, data and IP-based VPN services, either for their own use or for their commercial customers. Services are available immediately across the African and Latin American continents.

  "We are very proud to introduce VoipSAT -complete package of international calling services for Africa and Latin America. We believe that the high quality service and competitive calling rates will find a large segment of new customers that will join our growing community of satisfied customers and service providers worldwide", said Erez Gissin, CEO of IP Planet.