"If Mauritian enterprises are serious about adapting to the new information-based world economy and support the government's drive to transform Mauritius into a cyber island, they need to take advantage of the rich ICT education programme offered by the African Computing & Telecommunications Summit – ACT 2004." This was the clear message delivered by Sean Moroney, chairman of the AITEC group, which is organizing the even at le Meridien Hotel over 7-9 September.

  Over 60 ICT industry leaders will be delivering conference presentations on key strategic topics in ICT management and implementation. In addition, nine leading-edge training workshops will provide delegates in-depth knowledge on selected subjects of strategic importance in business. These include:

 - VSAT satellite implementation
 - Developing international alliances and strategic relationships
 - Enhanced service offerings for telecom operators
 - New generation software solutions for telecom operators
 - Storage and business continuity strategies
 - Developing ICT Entrepreneurship
 - Voice over Internet strategies and technology
 - Best practices in network security
 - Call centre customer service and support skills

  The main Summit programme, with the theme "Building partnerships to mainstream Africa's ICT sector", includes a wide range of key topics, many of which have not been covered in previous conferences in Mauritius. These include:

 - Business process outsourcing
 - eGovernment strategies and systems
 - Mobile telephony applications for development
 - Open Source applications
 - VSAT technologies to bridge the digital divide

  The high-level speakers at the conference come from countries as diverse as Canada, UK, USA, Israel, Germany, France, South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda. Over 300 delegates are expected to attend from throughout Africa.

  The conference is supported by an exhibition focusing on business solutions, with over 20 companies participating – including a group of six companies from India.

  AITEC's local partner in the event is the Act ICT Industry Alliance of Mauritius, which represents private sector enterprises active in computing, telecommunications and Internet development in the country. Colin Taylor, Chairman of the Alliance, welcomed the richness and diversity of the ACT Summit programme: "AITEC has created a unique conference programme that has high educational value. We encourage Mauritian enterprises to take advantage of this opportunity of international expertise on their doorstep. As Mauritius moves forward on its 'Cyber Island' national strategy we urgently need international-standard expertise and capacity. I'm confident the ACT Summit will help us achieve that."

 Wireless4Development -- 3-10 September 2004, Djursland, Denmark

  The wireless4development seminar and workshop brings together many of the people who are doing exactly that. Using low-cost wireless technologies to bring Internet connectivity to parts of the world, and to parts of society, where there are no real alternatives. For one week in September, wireless and free networking activists from around the world, will meet up to share skills and experiences gained in some of the most remote regions of the world. Participants have experience from some of the most innovative uses of Open Spectrum (license-exempt) wireless technologies, ranging from wireless connectivity at the Mt. Everest Base camp, over pedal-powered connectivity in rural Laos, to connecting local radio stations across Mali. These projects illustrate the true power of low-cost, locally run wireless networks.

  Some of the most experienced experts to attend include:

      - Dave Hughes, Colorado, USA, was responsible for bringing wireless to the Mt. Everest Base camp.
     - Dr. Onno Purbo, RebelNet, Indonesia, has helped bring Internet connectivity to hundreds of schools and thousands of school-kids around Indonesia.
     - Sascha Meinrath, CU-Wireless, Mesh networking and community wireless expert.
     - Ian Howard, Geekcorps, Mali, is connecting local radio-stations around Mali.
     - Mahabir Pun, known from a series of BBC News on-line articles on his Nepali village project.
     - Dr. Bhaskar Raman, Digital Gangetic Plains, an Indian Institute of Technology project to bring connectivity to the Ganges River Valley.

  wireless4development is part of Europe's leading community networking gathering, the Freifunk Summer Convention 2004 - Fresh Air, Free Networks and takes place 3rd - 10th September 2004 in Glesborg, Djursland, Denmark.

  Highway Africa Conference, 16 - 18 September, Grahamstown, South Africa

  The Highway Africa Conference is the largest annual gathering of African journalists in the world. The Conference is now in its eighth year and focuses on the role of the media in the information society. This year's conference is focusing on TECHNOLOGY - the interface of technology and development and democracy. The guest speakers include Mr. Adama Samassekou, President of the WSIS Preparatory Committee Meeting, CEs of leading South African broadcasting and telecommunications companies such Peter Matlare (SABC), Karl Socikwa (Transtel) and Dr. Sebelitso Mokone-Matabane (Sentech) and leading academic such Professor Cess Hamelink.

  The conference is mix of plenary, keynote addresses, seminars, debates, training workshops, book launches, demonstrations and exhibitions.

  Knowledge House Africa Presents LINUX SEA SHOW

  In celebration of this year's Software Freedom Day, KnowledgeHouseAfrica is inviting you to attend her maiden edition of a program packed Linux Sea Show. This is also in conjunction with the global Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) awareness drive. The session and short introductory lectures will cover major themes such as the development potential and challenges of FOSS in Education, Capacity building.

  Seasoned facilitators with great experience in Linux will take us on a Didactic cruise of the capabilities of Linux in general spheres of human endeavours. The accompanying schedule shows the breath of the Sea Show. Pre-Conference, Mid Conference and Post Conference Ocean cruise and Beach timeouts and picnics is being organized to help participants relax their nerves.

  Registration Fee

 Because of the significance of the day being celebrated (Software Freedom Day) the KnowledgeHouseAfrica has subsidize the registration fee to a sum of N500.00. This will cover the conference materials, feeding, and Speedboat cruises Sea Show Schedule

 All events will be held at the KnowledgeHouseAfrica Resource Center, Ibasa Island

 11:00   – 12:00 Registration
 12::00 – 12:10 Welcome Address
 12:10 – 12:30 Opening Speech
 12:30 – 1:10 1st Session    FOSS: its relevance and its advantages
 1:15 – 1:50 2nd Session   Relevance of FOSS to Education
 1:50- 2:20 Break
 2:20 – 3:00 3rd Session: FOSS and the Nigeria Youth in Capacity Building!
 3:00 – 4.00 Linux Sea Cruise to Ibeche Island.