African Trumpet Telecommunications Limited, is offering Nigerians a combined Internet and satellite television service delivered direct to the home. With the brand name TITV, ATTL, will through the use of satellite technology bring to Nigerians world-class television programming that resonates with its African target as well as Internet services through the same channel.

At the media presentation of the company last week, Managing Director, Nathan Garner, said the company was established to help West Africans in large numbers unto the Information Technology age, stressing that the company would live up to the promise by offering its services at affordable prices.

Managed by a combination of American and Nigerian managers, TITV will be working with local and international partners to bring good services to its subscribers. Its local partners include DBN television, Kaduna-based Desmins Television, Tradebuild, Nigeria in Abuja, Telepro in Portharcourt and OGTV in Abeokuta. These companies, said Garner, have the marketing skills and the resources to ensure the success of TITV.Also on the team is Globecomm Services which is both an investor and technical advisor to TITV. Globecomm was only recently voted one of the world's top ten teleports. New Skies Satellite is also part of the TITV vision, while Dallas Telecommunications comes in as a systems integrator. Other partners include Saachi and Saachi, an advertising agency of international repute as well as KPMG, the world-renowned management consultants.

Garner says that TITV services would be made affordable for a greater number of Nigerians to have access to them. He explains that the combined Internet and television service would cost a monthly subscription of only N6,500, while Internet only would cost N5000 and TV N3,500.

The cost of equipment and installation also varies according to the service desired by the subscriber. Combined Internet and TV costs N50,000 while Internet only N32,500 and full TV N27,500.