* The Nelson Mandela Foundation (NMF) has appointed a new ICT strategist and has also launched a redesigned Web site as part of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and Commemoration Project, held in late September. Digital Mall's founder and CEO, Yaron Assabi, will take on the role of ICT strategist with the NMF, while his company has also sponsored the redesigned Web site. "ICT forms an integral part of everything we do at the NMF, and it is our aim to use these technologies to demonstrate new possibilities to expand our social development agenda. Digital Mall has enabled us to explore new ways of doing this," says COO Tim Scholtz.

* In an interview with, Sylvain Zongo, President of the Burkinabe Open Source Society said:"The problem is that certain free software from the North cannot simply be transposed to Africa. It's necessary to make adaptions. He was asked to identify the advantages for African companies and cited the example of an Ivorian company Aviso which was paying an annual licence of FCFA34 million for Israeli software. When it crashed, the company said it would take three weeks to rectify the problem. It decided to abandon this software and move to Open Source applications, saving 75% of its previous costs. However as many companies use pirated software and are not in the habit of paying, these cost advantages are not perhaps as decisive as they should be.

On the move: Call Services' Kapil Reesaul has become Director-General of Mauritius' Telecom Plus. He replaces Sherriff Adam who had been standing in since the departure of Dev Hurkoo...Thoko Mokgosi has become HP South Africa's new CEO...Hugh Davis has been appointed Business Development Manager at Epson....Willie Currie joined APC as our policy programme manager in early September. Currently based in New York, from 1999-2002 Willie was a councillor with the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and the South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (SATRA)...Jeremy Weate left Philips Consulting in August and is now Technical Adviser for the European Commission's EMCAP (Economic Management Capacity Building Project) in Abuja.