Globacom last week launched its International Gateway operation and Point of Presence in the United Kingdom, thereby becoming Nigeria's first telecom operator to launch a switch outside the country.

This will be followed by the launching of Globacom's Points of Presence in Paris, France and Frankfurt, Germany in the next two weeks while its Point of Presence in the United States of America will be launched in four weeks.

The facilities will enable the network to directly interconnect other leading international carrier service providers, provide quality hubbing services to other operators in the world and terminate and aggregate quality traffic directly to Europe.

With this development, Nigerian telecommunication users routing their calls through the Globacom Gateway will no longer experience difficulties with the quality of international calls originating from or terminating in Nigeria as there will be a significant improvement in voice clarity, virtual elimination of call distortion and increase in call completion rates.

Hitherto, Nigerians had contended with low voice quality in international calls in terms of clarity, delays, distortions and poor call completion.

The launch of Globacom international carrier services will lead to a significant improvement in calls terminating in Nigeria and a reduction in the frustration of international telephone operators sending traffic into Nigeria. It will also offer significant value to subscribers using the Gateway services.

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