South Africa-based KeyTools International today announced that KeyTools Australia has signed a major contract with X F Enterprises (Australia) (XFE), for a mobile consumption management system (MCMS). This is said to be KeyTools' first major deal in that country.

KeyTools states that the MCMS incorporates the computerisation and mobilisation of the systems associated with the complete business cycle of nutritional consulting company, XFE, and its dealers.

“Our present consumption management processes are entirely manual and thus paper-based,” comments John Griffin of XFE, “not surprisingly, they have many shortcomings that need to be addressed as a matter of some urgency, and, by the incorporation of KeyTools’ mobile capability, we can also eliminate an enormous amount of input duplication. We believe the deployment of this advanced technology will add significant value for our customers through the provision of more accurate, regular and meaningful information, which will enhance their ability to better manage their enterprises.”

Adds Bill Hakin, MD of KeyTools Australia: “This project is an exciting one for us, as it incorporates not only the ability to interface to the MYOB software that XFE is utilising, but to any other accounting system that users may have installed.”

KeyTools says this project also incorporates the KeyTools TransPhormer product, and interfaces to the Itronix Tablet PCs that XFE and its dealers will be using.

The latter is a device that also has the capability of reading iButton technology (a computer chip enclosed within a stainless steel locket) that is associated with, and attached to, the animal feeding troughs.

“Mobile applications and mobile applications development are still at the leading edge of technology, and require an approach that is very much ‘out of the box’,” says Richard Chalk, founder and CEO of KeyTools International.

“XFE management has been astute enough to recognise this, and to take the necessary steps that will ensure that the company stays well ahead of its competition, and provides a basis for other innovative initiatives further down the line. I will be monitoring this project closely, as its success will help us penetrate the international market through the exploitation of our unique capabilities,” he concludes.

ICT World