Botswana Telecommunications Authority (BTA) awarded tenders for consultancy services for two different projects. The tenders were awarded to Analysis Consulting Limited, a United Kingdom based consultancy firm, in association with McCarthy Tetrault LLP a Canadian based consultancy firm to develop a "telecommunication costing model and pricing scheme" at a cost of USD372 000.00.

While Ovum, a United Kingdom based consultancy firm was awarded a consultancy to identify strategies for further liberalisation of the telecommunications market? for a sum of GBP89 615.00. These Consultants were selected on the basis of international competitive bidding process.

Analysys and McCarthy is required to come up with a forward looking costing model that could be applied to establish cost-oriented and fair rates or charges among the fixed and mobile networks.

As prices and costs are fundamental to the success of any form of business, this project willhave important implications not only for the telecommunications operators but also for consumers.

In its endeavour to put the Botswana telecommunications sector in line with the best in class in the telecommunications markets, the BTA is speedily enhancing performance of the sector through an informed liberalisation process.

To this end, Ovum will assist the BTA to establish liberalisation strategies that would improve market efficiency without compromising the sustainability of existing operators.

The BTA also seeks to pursue strategies that should promote competition in all market segments so as to have continued improvement of the quality of service as well as to ensure that customers have a wider choice.