Slashdot reported that a company called have just installed a wireless link between Tarifa in Spain and Tangiers in Morocco, thus linking the African and European continents together with a free wireless link. The link went across the Straits of Gibraltar with a total distance of 32 km over the sea.

Those involved then published a rather huffy rejoinder saying: These technical notes, recently published on Slashdot were not intended to be published and were published without our knowledge. We were preparing a proper article to explain the context of the work done and to give full details of experiences whilst doing it. This project forms part of Transacciones / Fadaiat taking place the 22nd and 23rd of June 2004 simultaneously in Tarifa, Spain and Tangiers, Morroco".

"Neither Psand.net nor Flakey.info were solely responsible for conceiving or achieving the connexion, it was achieved through the collaboration and efforts of many people, including the following: Psand.net,Fadaiat.net, Global Telesat, Arte y Pensamiento, Hackitectura, Indymedia Madiaq, OffTV, PiDiP, Archivo Transacciones, Riereta.net, Gollum, UNIA, Zemos98, ENSA and Ayuntamiento de Tarifa.

The link will achieve real file transfer speeds of up to 5.5mb/s from Tarifa in Spain to Tangers in Morocco. Connecting two continents, using the free 802.11 standard and free software.