Internet News - In Brief


-   According to Ian Isenberg, Network Solutions Business Unit Manager at South Africa's Internet Solutions (IS), 46% of all Internet traffic is e-mail, and a large portion of that is spam - most of which originates from outside the country. To combat this, IS has now launched a new anti-spam service. It claims to reduce spam by 90%.

-   Swaziland Internet Exchange Point(SzIXP) is now up and running, as of Friday 18th June, 2004. Members currently connected include Africa Online Swaziland and Real Image. Other members expected to join in the next few weeks include: POSIX Swaziland, the incumbent telco SPTC (Swaziland Post & Telecommunications), and probably, MTN Swaziland.

-   South Africa's Sentech is to make its MyWireless broadband Internet service available through the retail market, following its partnership with several key players in the retail and reseller fields. The organisation has teamed up with Autopage Cellular, Internet Solutions and NoWire Technologies to reach a wider range of customers, as the demand for wireless broadband technology continues to grow.