Tarsus Technologies has announced the local availability of the Samsung Syncmaster 323T and 403T LCD monitors, designed for use as information boards, presentation displays or virtually anywhere a large display is required in the business space.

"With 32-inch and 40-inch viewable areas respectively and a maximum resolution of 1280 x 768 on both units, these new monitors offer customers both a more cost-effective and higher-performance alternative to a gas-plasma display," says Darryl Squara, Business Manager, Acer, Samsung and General Products at Tarsus Technologies. "And because the 323T and 403T are based on LCD technology, customers also gain more life from using this alternative."

This means that an LCD display used for 24 hours, 365 days a year would last customers in the region of seven years, where a gas plasma display panel would last in the region of 3 years.

The two new LCD monitors have also been designed to offer excellent performance in the display of both text and graphics. "This allows the monitors to be used in a myriad of environments and broadens the usability of large format displays. The units also feature a far lower power consumption than competitive products, ensuring that less heat is generated and air-conditioning to compensate for the consequent rise in room temperature is less of an issue," Squara adds.

In terms of additional functionality, the 323T and 403T both offer a Picture in Picture display function, allowing for streaming video, or a television signal to be displayed in a portion of the display area. The monitors can also be rotated through 90-degrees, allowing for more flexible use and functionality that suits the customer's requirements.

"In environments where multiple monitors need to be used and controlled from a central point, Samsung once again has the answer. Using the RS-232C communication port on these units, multiple monitors can be chained together and be controlled from a central PC, running Samsung's monitor control software.

"While we're on the topic of interfaces, the 323T and 403T, can receive a picture signal from virtually any source in the book. For connectivity to a PC, the LCD monitors can make use of any combination of S-VGA, DVI (Digital Video Interface) or composite input signals. From a multimedia perspective, the monitors can accept any combination of component (RCA), BNC (coaxial), or S-Video input signals," concludes Squara.

Numerous mounting options are available to users, including the ability to use a desktop stand, or wall-mount attachment, as well as attach multi-media speakers for a more feature-rich experience.