Expertedge, the Software arm of Nigeria's Computer Warehouse Group (CWG), is set to launch an Oracle Support Service Consultancy called Oracle Xpremium Support Services. This service is targeted at her value added Oracle customers as well as any other organization that runs Oracle database. According to the Assistant General Manager, Business Development, Simon Agi, there is noticeable dearth of experienced Oracle DBA's in the corporate market.

Moreover, from experience, we have discovered that most organization that run Oracle do not exactly know the status or the health level of their Database, as such, there is always database failures and crashes which brings downtime to their operations and subsequent loss of customer confidence and resources.

Thus we intend to offer free Oracle Health or Sanity Check to these organizations which will allow them to be proactive and know in advance the status of their database against failure or crash. Detailed report of the result of the check and recommendations will be given to the organization after which Support services (Xpremium) will commence.

According to Mr. Agi, Oracle Xpremium Support Services is when an organization contracts Expertedge to manage its database. This will include total monthly or quarterly check on their database as well as a 24x7 support services assistance and up to date patches deployment.

Based on this, Expertedge is organizing a one day interactive workshop where the details of the Xpremium Services will be made clearer to the participants. The workshop will be for Directors and Heads of IT in organizations as well as Professional and certified Oracle DBA's.

The target market includes all the organizations that run large databases which includes all financial institutions, Telecom companies, Oil and Gas companies, Manufacturing and Government. Smaller organization are considered also as we intend to offer total satisfaction and relief to everyone. Furthermore, he explained that Expertedge has the necessary resources both in staff strength, infrastructure and certified experienced Oracle personnel's to deliver this valued added services to the Nigerian Corporate market.

Agi further explains that Xpremium product services includes; Constant Sanity Checks, Performance Tunings, Backup and Recovery and Training etc. He further stated that to further deliver these services, Expertedge Software and System which is currently the only Oracle First Line Support Partner in Nigeria that has implemented and deployed Oracle Applications and business Solutions in all the sectors of the economy has set up a central email: system, and a dedicated Hotline for this services as well as putting in place necessary infrastructure which includes two heavy duty standby power system, web enabled Helpdesk system where calls are logged, effective transportation system for their technical gurus and 24x7 personnel's availability.

Agi maintained that escalation of critical issues within Expertedge is a priority, thus they have partnered with the biggest and leading Oracle Advantage Partner in North Africa who understands the African terrain and her business needs. Moreover, CWG being the largest supplier of Storage and Server systems has garnered enough experience to manage the entire system. It is a one stop solution to all database system; little wonder most of our customers are the big organizations in the market today.

CWG has won so many awards and is known for strict adherence to global standards, procedures and processes, little wonder they are ISO 9001:2000 certified, ITIL certified and are partners to Global premium vendors known for premium solutions which includes Oracle (For Complete Business Solution), Infosys (For Finacle Banking Software, Symphony (For Hospital Management System), STL (Human Resources Management System and Pension Management System), Gilat, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Avaya etc

Concluding, he said that with the wide spread of their offices and branches across the three major geographic region of the nation (Akwa Ibom, PH, Abuja and 5 offices in Lagos) as well as an office in Ghana and with an effective WAN infrastructure, healthy financial background, organizations will be rest assured of their ROI and prompt service delivery which CWG is known for. Organizations are advised to make use of this first ever service delivery system to be able to cut cost and operational time and focus more on other administrative needs.

In his words, "Expertedge operates a 24x7 software support centre in Lagos with extensions in our offices in Port Harcourt and Abuja. We are an authorized Oracle First Line Support partner. Our support services are delivered by Oracle certified personnel who are also ITIL certified for service management. The support available from the support centre is back-ended with Oracle Global Support. Our support services also cover communications and hardware".

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