Internet News - In Brief


- The Ugandan regulator UCC has decided to scrap the licensing of ISPs and declare 802.11b free spectrum to encorage internet take-up.

- SA's Telkom has launched a new version of its TelkomInternet ADSL offering, which will provide niche customers with unshaped international bandwidth with a 4GB monthly cap. The new offering is aimed at users in the high end of the market who require quick response times, notably traders, stockbrokers and gamers, who constitute about 7% of the market.

- Concerns have been raised about the draft Nigerian Cybercrime Act that states that all service providers should keep "transactional records of operations generated in their systems and networks for a minimum of five years." There is no definition given for "transactional records" which could cover an enormous range of items and intrude on the individual privacy of Nigerian citizens.