Computer Society of Zambia President Milner Makuni is proposing an amendement to the Computer Bill that would register all computers when they bought, writes Balancing Act's Zambian Correspondent Timothy Kasolo. The Computer Bill's objectives are to provide for the registration of computers and to prohibit the unauthorized access, access or modification of data stored in a computer.When amending the bill Makuni explained that the government would want all the computers purchased to be registered and all the details recorded by the computer registrar.

Registration would cost users a fee and they would be fined if they did not comply. However members of the Society concluded their debate on the issue by saying that such a proposal would contravene the rights of individual citizens and discourage the use of ICT.

But CSZ secretary Collins Chinyama observed that the IT professionals should come in force and contribute to the bill before it is enacted Chinyama added that IT professionals must contribute to the bill so that they do not come and complain that the bill is not addressing most IT issues.