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According to Thomas Lewetz, he asked them to solve the problem which caused the establishment of the site. "They could not tell me that anything on the website was not true," he added. "Our airplanes are still seized by Ghana Armed Forces without giving us any reason why. This appears to be illegal and fraudulent. We have never been contacted because we did something wrong," Mr. Lewetz continued. He said Pink Aviation had never had an answer to several letters to Ghana Armed Forces requesting the release of the airplanes.

The MD held that his company had however been informed that there was a problem inside Ghana Armed Forces and they had been asked to co -operate in the matter. "There is still no co - operation from Ghana Armed Forces in solving the problem of our fully paid property sitting in Takoradi," he lamented. He said all statements on the website were true and they were the facts.

The Pink Aviation Boss further said that GAF had accepted their bid, requested the payment, received full payment as requested, accepted to start work on the airplanes but as the airplanes were ready for the ferry flight, they just seized the airplanes without any reason.

"We have to protect our property, since we are not in a position to leave $100,000 and more in Ghana, without any compensation and we can not accept that Ghana Armed Forces sold the airplanes to us, let us bring them back to an airworthy condition and then tried to sell the same airplanes again to another party. This is indecent and illegal."

He concluded by saying that as soon as Ghana Armed Forces fulfilled the obligations by accepting the company's bid by delivering the aircraft to Pink Aviation Services as legal owners, the website would be off line.

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