* Zambia's Itezhi-Tezhi District Commissioner Godfrey Beene has cited the lack of reliable communication infrastructure as negating development in his area. Beene appealed to the government to facilitate enhanced communication in the area to tap its tourism potential effectively. "The tourism potential here is immense but there is a problem of communication. We are requesting the government to provide us with a system of phones for communication," he said. Beene disclosed that telephone lines in the area had not been working for over a year. He said the only slight improvement experienced last week when people were only able to receive calls and not call out because the Vice-President was expected in the area. "If one wants to send a message to Lusaka, they have to go to Zesco Limited to use their radio system to contact Namwala. Namwala then relays the message to Choma, where it is finally forwarded to Lusaka," he explained. "Now, this is a very long process and this is why Zamtel should speedily move to address the matter."

* After 10 years with the CTO, Tim Eyres is leaving to join BT Telconsult ­ the consultancy arm of the BT Group ­ as the Business Development Manager, Middle East, to re-establish Telconsult's presence in the Region.

* Several things you didn't know about Wananchi's Njeri Rionge. According to an Eastern Standard Interview she studies three different university courses without finishing any and was the consummate party animal. Motherhood and her responsibilities as Wananchi's CEO have changed all that. Her eventual goal? To become the CEO of the biggest Internet provider in Africa.