IF the current plans being drawn by one of Nigeria's private polytechnics, Lagos City Polytechnics, are any thing to go by, Nigeria may be on the verge of making landmark achievement, producing semi-conductors, which are necessary for manufacturing Central Processing Units (CPUs) and other major components of the computer system .

Dropping a hint at a press conference recently, the Chairman, Governing Council of the institution, Engr Babatunde Odufuwa, said that the institution had established a Department of Research and Development which pre-occupation is to move towards the manufacture of semi-conductors.

Odufuwa also said that the manufacture of semi-conductors in Nigeria would set the country on the path to the exploits of the silicon valley, adding that the moment the school's plans on semi-conductors were concluded, Nigeria could count herself as ready to manufacture more home made computers.

However, he noted that the project may take a long time and obviously a lot of money to accomplish, adding that the school was looking at using indigenous materials to aid the accomplishment of the project.

According to Odufuwa, Nigeria was yet to attain the exploits inherent in the silicon valley, but with the semi conductor project and the IT policy in place, silicon valley in Nigeria, was almost in place.

He said: "On our part in the Lagos City Polytechnics, we have established a department of Research and Development whose present pre-occupation is to move towards the manufacture of semi-conductors" he added. "Our team of researchers have zeroed on the possibility of this feat and though this would involve a lot of money and time before accomplishment, I also know that this is a feat that would set the country to the path of the exploits inherent in the silicon valley".

"Besides, we are using indigenous materials and by the time we are through, Nigeria can pride herself as having all it takes to produce home grown computers. After all, there is no computer without the Central Processing Unit (CPU)" he added.

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