Users of Ghana Commercial Bank's (GCB) ATM have been frustrated as due to technical hitches they have not been working since last week.

A visit by the GNA to two other GCB branches on the "Ready Cash" network at Osu and the Trade Fair area, revealed a similar situation with some disappointed customers pouring vituperation on the Bank.

Three "Ready Cash" card holders between the ages of 24 years and 32 years, who spoke to the GNA at the Osu branch, said they had tried to use the machine since Wednesday without success and quoted undisclosed sources of saying that GCB had run out of money, hence the non-functioning of the "Ready Cash" points.

At the Trade Fair branch, the bank posted a notice expressing regret about its intermittent failure of the ATM due to a link problem. The notice assured users that management was working "fervently" to fix the problem but asked users to keep trying the facility. A senior official at the GCB head office told a journalist who is also a customer Wednesday evening that its data officers were working around the clock to resolve the problem.

(Source : GhanaWeb)