Computer News - In Brief


- Cape Town software house JDO Genie has been bought by US-based Versant for an undisclosed amount, in a deal that will propel the small South African company into the international arena. JDO Genie grew out of professional services group Hemisphere Technologies and established itself as a separate company in March. It was formed with the aim of developing the market that emerged from the commercial standard of JDO (Java Direct Object) that provides for the transparent persistence for Java Objects with an API that is independent of the underlying data store. Nasdaq-listed Versant is a data management and open source software company. Its products and services are used by a number of international companies, including British Airways, Tyco, IBM, MCI and the US government.

- AITEC Africa, the continent’s leading organizer of ICT exhibitions and conferences, today signed a partnership agreement with UK-based charity Computer Aid, to provide a framework for co-operation between the two organizations to supply low-cost PCs to African institutions.