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Explaining how the online database works, Managing Director of, Julius Gbayange, said that it has two directories, one of people and the other of companies.

On the people directory, Gbayange said the website seeks to register all Nigerians and foreigners in the country on its search engine. The idea behind this move, according to him, is to reunite people who have lost contacts.

He said that registration on the people directory is free, and enjoined Nigerians to make good use of this opportunity.

On the company directory, he said, it works in a very similar way like people directory, but the difference is that users or company do not need to know the name of the company they may want to reach.

The search parameter, he said, was tailored in such a flexible manner, that allows those who need such information to search by service category, such as the type of industry, location or types of services.

On a broad search request, the result returns all the listed companies engaged in the said service. The benefits of this approach, according to him are numerous, including customers who are online public, getting what they want before leaving the site.

And given the large volume of traffic expected on the directory, he said the registered companies would be readily brought into to direct contact with their target market audience without much ado, just as companies' advert slot are to be registered with N1,000 only. "It is a one off payment, no yearly subscription charges," he asserted.

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