Telecoms News - In Brief


- The Angolan Council of Ministers has approved the regulatory framework for interconnection between networks and services and the publicly owned telco. The regulatory framework establishes an interconnect regime in the context of free markets and competition and guarantees networks and services access to the publicly-owned infrastructure. It also lays out how the internet will be promoted and how it will seek to achieve equality of access.


- Joint action by SA’s Telkom and the police has led to the busting of a fraud syndicate that has swindled customers out of R1m. The scam, which hooked customers by promising it could clear 50% of their telephone bills if they made payments into a specified bank account, not only robbed customers, but was also potentially hazardous to the fixed-line phone operator’s relationship with its clients.Telkom said yesterday that the scam had been on the go for 18 months. The operator said that more than 500 customers countrywide had fallen victim to the "half-price scam".

- Gabon Telecom has sold 9% of its SAT 3 capacity and is operating a microwave link to Equatorial Guinea for voice traffic.