Following the installation of a 1MB Internet line at the Protea Hotel Victoria, Internet service provider, DataPro, has announced it will offer wholesale bandwidth on a variable time basis to site developers.

Murray Steyn of DataPro said: "We want to position ourselves as a strategic player in the burgeoning wireless market. By providing this solution to site owners, such as conference centres, office parks and townhouse complexes we are enabling them to add value to their service offerings - but via a very cost-effective package."

"We are the first company to wholesale cost-effective bandwidth on a variable time basis rather than by bits and bytes," said Steyn.

DataPro will also build in commissions for IT companies that manage the infrastructure, as well as a percentage for the site owners. "This is a win-win situation for all players, including the end-user. Pricing is very competitive - there is no telephone bill to consider and no Internet subscriber fees."

DataPro is also offering a prepaid model, which enables hotels, lodges or guest houses - or any company - to re-sell prepaid cards for a commission. Last year the Protea Hotel Victoria became the first user of DataPro’s new wireless solution. The hotel installed a 1MB Internet line, which supplies all 172 bedrooms and public areas with instant high-speed Internet capabilities.

"According to our information and research," said Steyn, "there is no other hotel that offers this solution in terms of true high-speed Internet access associated with both an in-room and wireless connection. There are some that have some form of wireless and/or in-room connection, but non that offer the complete solution associated with a 1MB Internet link."