Internet News - In Brief


- The Ghanaian internet exchange point (GIXA) has set itself up as a separate company from GISPA with Charles Lomu of CIS as Chair. It now has 20 ISP and NSP members and looks dangerously close to getting off the ground. As Jessica Mitchell, Geek Corps volunteer working with the group told us:"The conditions are ripe for it to happen." When it’s set up it will be based at the Kofi Annan Centre.

- Telkom Kenya is at it again. As a prelude to launching its free 944 service, it has been spamming the market with what appears to be a chain letter recommending the new service. Kenyan ISPs are now quietly blocking TK’s traffic on the basis that this is unwanted spam.

- The US-funded Digital Freedom Initiative in Senegal is getting into its stride with a number of interesting projects including: an online reference library with Universite Sahel; open source software to manage doctors’ surgeries; training telecentres in business skills; offering artisans a range of business services through a cyber-café (Café Louma); and a number of portals to help businesses get access to markets.