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"These elections are the first to be held in Sierra Leone in over thirty years. Many Sierra Leoneans both at home and abroad are eagerly looking forward to the outcome of what independent pundits are predicting to be the most free and fair in the history of Sierra Leone." She said.

Impressed with National Electoral Commission’s (NEC) boss, Eugene Davies’ handling of the Elections,Dr. Blyden further said, " I believe that I should lend my own small support to NEC by donating a website to the Commission which will allow Sierra Leoneans from all around the world to instantly learn the names and occupations of their local councilors who will be managing their communities affairs. I will ensure that every Sierra Leonean whether in Korea, Egypt or Australia will now know the name of his local councillor in his local community in Sierra Leone." Jeffrey Spring, NEC’s Media Advisory Consultant confirmed that Dr. Blyden had informed the Commission of the exciting offer and that he wholeheartedly endorsed her goodwill gesture.

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