* Sengal’s Felix Weyerstahl, CEO launched Connecteo Senegal in March of this year after a "management buy-out" of Afripa Telecom Senegal backed by two local Senegalese investors. The new company provides networking, VPNs and servers for large corporates. Its ambition? To be a "grand interlocateur" (TRANSLATE) for server provision and VSAT. Current clients include BCAO ASECNA, respectively the central bank and transport security organisation for francophone West Africa. It’s interested in building local wireless loop networks once the market opens up and will operate across a number of the Francophone countries.

* Senegal’s Moustapha Kane of People Input is currently working on the design and completion of thirty web sites from his villa base in ZL. It is doing four Ministries including the Primature, Economy and Finance, Foreign Affairs and Senegalais de l’Exterior that will be launched at the end of June. This work is all part of a Government initiative designed to get all of the country’s Ministries online by the end of the year. Kane is in the process of restructuring the company into three different divisions: web design, consultancy and value-added mobile services.

* Manobi’s Daniel Annerose is looking for someone to invest a million euros in his operation. He is running a service of membership and price services for agricultural and exporter associations. He estimates that in a typical association of with 6,000 potential users, 10% are making use of the system for on average 2 minutes a day. The services are provided for the equivalent of FCFA100 a day and the company splits the revenue 50:50 with the provider Sonatel.

He has also added another string to their product offer based on this initial work: location-based management services which were launched at the enbd of the March. Anyone managing a haulage fleet or repairs across a wide geographic area can use it for a variety of functions. Customers include: Sonatel, Societe d’eau. and security company Sagem. With this platform, it sells it for a flat fee plus gets revenue from maintaining the system.

"We’re not yet profitable but we expect to be cash-positive by the end of the year because of the launch of the location-based services. We expect to become the pan-African, multi-channel mobile data operator."