- Just one week after ending its Talk Now promo, Nigeria’s SNO Globacom has announced the commencement of another promotion package which brings down the prices of its Prepaid Classic and Premium products. In this special offer which will last till April 15, its Prepaid Classic line now goes for N5,999 from its earlier N9,999, while the Prepaid Premium now goes for N10,999 as opposed to its earlier price of N17,999.

With the new price regime, any subscriber who buys the Globacom Prepaid Classic line at N5,999 would have the opportunity of saving about N4,000 from the old price of N9,999. Similarly, any subscriber who buys the Globacom Prepaid Premium during the new promotion will save N7,000. The promotional price for the Prepaid Premium includes the monthly service rental of N2,500 for the first month and also N500 free airtime.

- A network management center to monitor Ghana Telecommunication’s (GT) entire network system has been established to ensure that faults are detected and rectified promptly. GT MD Oystein Bjorge stated that a fraud management system aimed at stemming the abuse in the usage of telephones was also being put in place.

- Kenyan mobile operator, Safaricom, has announced plans to invest Sh8 billion in its network upgrade this year.Michael Joseph, the company chief executive officer said the proposed upgrading will involve the rolling out a high-speed mobile data network in the next few months. He said the new network will be in addition to the existing GSM network system currently in use by the company.

- A thirteenth company has applied to Maritian regulator ICTA for an international telephony licence: ICT Northgate Global Ltd