Branded Internet, a private label Internet service provider, will be offering visitors to Futurex 2004 the opportunity to take home with them a fully operational, tailor-made, branded demonstration version of its Internet Service Provider, ETH.

ETH is a product that usually takes several weeks to create. However, branded with the company name, information and logo, these Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be produced for visitors in just 10 minutes - a first for the local Internet industry, the company says. Designed to give any company the ability to offer its own, low-cost ISP service, the Branded Internet Service Provider (BISP) system aims to enable companies to simply and cost-effectively create new business opportunities, increase revenue streams, improve marketing and cut costs by providing customers with internet services.

Says Lance Terner, CEO of Branded Internet: "We see a future where any size or type of organisation that has a need can benefit from having their own ISP. They do not have to go through the operational difficulty of managing one because it is not their core business. These companies can focus on what they do best, service their customer base and promote and market their brand, while we take care of the full ISP service for them. This includes the infrastructure, support, right through to billing."

Said to be SA’s largest selling PC brand, Mecer has already teamed up with Branded Internet to launch Mecer Net, a BISP that targets Mecer dealers and end-users. According to Terner, the BISP model enables Mecer to have its own ISP without incurring the costs of setting up a new one. Through the Mecer Net service Mecer says that it is now offering not only an enhanced product range and an additional value-added service, but an opportunity for Mecer dealers to earn rebates by signing up end-users to the service. Terner goes on to say that Mecer is not the only company to launch its own BISP: "Branded Internet has enabled computer stores, dealers, Internet cafés and even a retail clothing chain to launch its own ISP under its own name without having to incur the costs of setting up an ISP. Instead of having to pass customers onto other ISPs, companies can now bundle the Internet with their products and keep the clients."

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