Electronic Learning (E-learning) is good for the developing countries like Zambia but it is too expensive for the Zambian people, claimed lecturer Billy Kahota, writes News Update’s Zambia correspondent Timothy Kasolo.

In a contribution to a monthly debate organised by the Computer Society of Zambia (CSZ) with the title "E-learning for Zambia - is it a dream or reality?", Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) Lecturer Billy Kahota said that though E-learning in Zambia has been welcomed it is very expensive for the Zambian people to pay for E-learning.

Kahota who is studying a Masters in Internet systems development with University of Portsmouth through E-learning explained that E-learning is new to Africa and it should be made cheaper so that a lot of students are exposed to the latest technology and improve their qualifications through E-learning.

And Computer Association of Zambia (CSZ) President Milner Makuni said that Zambia as a country is facing a lot of challenges in training Information Technology (IT) professionals but due to lack of institutions offering IT professional courses the IT industries is lugging behind. Makuni said in Africa there is a Virtual University that is providing online education through the use of E-learning technologies."Senegal, Uganda and Kenya are some of the countries that are proving the use of E-learning education," Makuni explained.

Levy Lwesekala, Zambia’s Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) IT department said that the cost of the terminals and computers should made cheaper and that depended on the Zambia government ICT policy direction. He noted that E-learning is more than ready in Zambia and that it will provide a chance for the high school graduates that are denied places in the Universities and Colleges to give them a chance to do their education through E-learning.