- Abla Awitty, General Manageress of Ghana Telecom in-charge of Product Management and Development, last week advised the public to avoid buying fake Ghana Telecom pre-paid telephone cards. Miss Awitty said it has come to the notice of the company that fake pre-paid cards bearing the name of the company were being sold on the market and that measures were being taken to track down those involved. She urged the public to help the company to identify the sources of the fake cards to enable the company to provide excellent services. Mr Charles Debu, a marketing officer of the company, asked customers to make sure all pre-paid cards they buy are covered in a rubber, have access number of 1099, an unscratched personal identification number or pin number, which is usually 12 digits and a serial number.

- SA’s Vodacom is providing its Conference Call Anywhere service to prepaid users, allowing up to six people to have a conversation at once.

- Celtel Uganda has launched a promotion to reward its customers. "As we prepare to mark our ninth anniversary on May 31, we felt it is important to remember the people who are keeping us in business," said Dick Omondi Celtel’s senior marketing manager. The countrywide promotion will go on until June 1 when the grand draw will be held. It requires one to buy a Celtel sim-pack from any outlet or dealer and get a raffle ticket for the draw.

- The observance of the African Union Day coincided with Ghana Telecom’s launch of its pre-paid card promotion programme at a public durbar in Sunyani. The promotion launch which began May 1 is scheduled to end May 31 when a grand raffle will be drawn for the first, second and third winners to take away three million, two million and one million cedis as their prizes.

- Nitel last announced a reduction in its national tariffs. The reduction coincided with the first year stock taking by Pentascope International, the management contractor of the company.In a press briefing at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Ikeja Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Rein Zwolsman, said that from June 1, calls from one geo-political zone to the other zones would henceforth cost N22.00, N20 down from the current rate of N42, while calls within the same geo-political zone would be N12.

Local calls would, however, attract N6.50. Although the local tariff was an increment of about N2.20 up from the old rate of N4.30, Zwolsman said it was necessary to justify current realities, "to reduce the cost of long distance calls."

Before the new rates, long-distance calls were calculated using pulse. The longer the distance the faster the pulse burns out, while the pulse lasts longer for a shorter distance. A pulse is billed N4.30. Calls from NITEL lines to GSM would henceforth go for N26 from N30. All calls are billed per minute.