Skyband Wireless, an offshoot of internet service provider Africa Online, announced on Monday last week the launch of what it described as a fast and efficient wireless communication set to provide subscribers with 24 hours access to the internet at lower rates than those using telephone lines without requiring any connections.

It will also be providing a wireless local area networks to reduce cords and wires in offices and also offer a broadband connection to the internet, communications to areas of Malawi with no telecommunications infrastructure and virtual private network connections to anywhere in the world.

Shaw said Skyband subscribers will be using a microwave modem which they can connect to either their laptop or office computers to access the internet from any place with Skyband’s access points without requiring a phone line.

Shaw said a microwave modem costs about US$60 each while a typical installation is at USD1,200 while a monthly subscription will be less than US$100. But Shaw said his company plans to further cut down the cost of the service to ensure that individuals afford it. He said so far the company has about 100 customers, mostly corporate.

Skyband has also announced that it is the authorised D Link distributor for Malawi which it says will bring all benefits of the broadband technology to the country.

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