Internet News - In Brief


The ‘mock election’ fun poll carried on SA provider M-Web’s site has attracted nearly 20,000 votes in under two weeks. Most of the votes were for minority parties, with the Freedom Front leading with 39.9% of the vote by yesterday, and the ANC trailing with 4% of the vote. Commenting on the vote, World Wide Worx MD Arthur Goldstuck said the poll could in no way be viewed as an accurate reflection of what is happening on the ground, or of which way M-Web subscribers may vote. However, the fact that the ANC was featuring so poorly in the poll showed the digital divide was still a big issue in SA. He pointed out the irony as it could be seen to imply the failure of the ANC’s universal Internet access philosophy.

* SA’s Internet Solutions (IS) has introduced the ASP licensed workflow solution, in response to today’s growing need for businesses to work faster and particularly smarter in order to stay ahead of the game. IS says spending more time on business drivers like customer satisfaction and innovation, and less time on micro management, is key in this demanding environment.The company says that its Business Gateway division partnered with SourceCode to offer the licence both on a more affordable ASP basis, as well as an additional offering on the .Net platform.