* Ericsson’s Vice President will visit Econet Wireless Nigeria to have talks about how to improve the operators services. The visit iss a follow-up to the signing of a USD110 million network expansion deal with the Swedish company last month. Currently, Ericsson is implementing the first phase of the expansion deal with Econet, while shipments for the second phase of the multi- million-dollar deal will commence soon. "When completed, the expansion will result in greater geographical coverage for the operator to double its network capacity," said Ericsson’s spokesman.

* MMS phones are very popular with Burkina Faso’s digerati even though there is not yet a service. But perhaps a positive sign for the future of these services?

* At the "Entrepreneurship and ICT: the art of making things happen" workshop, all three local entrepreneurs ­ Issa Campaore of Institut Superieur Technologies, Hughes Arsene of Hugo Tech; and Sylvain Zongos of ZCP ­ reported that they had difficulties with their parents and families when they decided to set up their businesses. In the time-honoured fashion of parents the world over they wanted to know why their offspring didn’t choose a nice safe office job like the rest of their contemporaries. The workshop was presented by ZCP, Balancing Act and IICD.

* Dimension Data last week confirmed its appointment of Andile Ngcaba, ex-DG of the Department of Communications, as chairman designate of Dimension Data SA (DDSA). Ngcaba will lead a BEE consortium that is in the process of acquiring a 25% stake in the company, and is also tasked with expanding the company’s presence in Africa. His appointment as chairman designate will be confirmed once the BEE transaction has been finalised, the company says. Ngcaba will take over as chairman within 12 months of the appointment. The BEE consortium is said to include prominent participants in the local ICT industry as well as broad-based empowerment parties. The company could not specify a time frame for the conclusion of the transaction, but Corporate Finance Director, Patrick Quarmby, did note that the year specified for the handover has no bearing on when the formalities of the BEE deal would be concluded. Rather, he says, the year will be spent in familiarising Ngcaba with every aspect of the business, its customers and employees, and ensuring that a smooth handover takes place.

* WorldSpace Corporation has appointed Hamza Farooqui as Managing Director for WorldSpace South Africa. He began his career as the Chairman & CEO of Convergence Group (Pty) Ltd, owners of which was created as a portal for real time cricket scores, play by play, news and exclusive content from international media and sporting team partners.

* The Skyband launch in Malawi (see Internet News)will be graced with the presence of ex-Big Brother Africa housemates Abby from South Africa,Alex from Kenya,Gaetano from Uganda,Mwisho of Tanzania, Warona of Botswana and host Zein who previously worked for Africa Online.