Internet Solutions (IS) has been appointed an MTN Wireless Data Provider (WDP) and Network Service Provider (NSP). The company says that this will allow it to offer cost-effective and secure services directly between the end-user and the corporate customer.

Says Richard Vester, GM of the newly formed Mobility Solutions division at IS: "We have a great working relationship with MTN and they have supported us wholeheartedly in setting up this new service. We have formed a new business unit that can offer our customers a full range of mobility products and services. As we go forward, we’ll announce several new solutions that are tailored for our varying customer needs."

The company states that it currently has point-of-sale (POS) solutions that allow retailers to directly deduct transactions via GPRS modems. Because data is transferred at rates around 44kbps and is "always on", charges incurred are considerably less than with traditional methods.

GPRS and HSCSD are seen as the key drivers in mobile data communications, and IS has embraced these technologies as long-term strategies for Mobility Solutions. These technologies, the company says, enable full VPN and Internet functionality by allowing internetworking between VPN or the Internet and the new GSM networks. It notes that any service that is used - such as FTP, Web browsing, e-mail and application data transfer - is now available over the IS infrastructure, securely and cost-effectively, via GPRS.

Stephen van der Merwe, GM of MTN Sales, says: "We see IS as an ideal partner. We have an excellent relationship with IS and hope to continue to work together to provide innovative and market-leading mobile solutions."

ICT World