Special Workshop on National and Pan-African IXPs
Thursday 6 May 9:30-11:00
Room: Mycerinos C

Sending emails from one address in Africa to another usually involves a trip to Europe or North America before the message is delivered, adding costs and limiting quality. African countries are now establishing national Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) to keep local Internet traffic local. What lessons have been learned from the first national IXPs on the continent? What if the idea were expanded to connect national IXPs into a regional African IXP? Would a pan-African IXP further reduce costs? This workshop unites the key stakeholders that have been involved both in national and regional African IXPs. Could your country be the next to join this cost-saving trend?

Chairman/Moderator Mr. Russell Southwood, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Balancing Act, United Kingdom

Desire Karyabwite, IP Coordinator ITU BDT E Strategies Unit
Mr. Laurent Elder, Acacia and Connectivity Africa Program Officer IDRC West Africa Regional Office
Mr. Brian Longwe, AfrISPA Internet Exchange Point Research Project Leader


The sixth annual African Computing & Telecommunications Summit (ACT 2004) is to be held at the impressive new CyberTower being constructed in Mauritius as the key element of the island state’s drive to become an ICT development hub for Africa and the Indian Ocean.

AITEC has been invited by the Act ICT Industry Alliance of Mauritius to hold the next ACT Summit in Mauritius due to the attendance it will attract from ICT professionals and managers from throughout Africa, as well as other international participation, thus promoting the country’s position as a supplier of ICT services and expertise.

The theme of the Summit will be "Developing Partnerships to Mainstream Africa’s ICT Industry."

Welcoming AITEC’s decision to hold the Summit in Mauritius, Viv Padayatchy, Chairman of the Association of Internet Service Providers (FAIR) and Secretary of the Mauritius ICT Alliance, called on industry counterparts across Africa to use the Summit as an opportunity to pool knowledge and experience to promote the continent on the international stage. "Although some of us may land up competing for the same outsourcing work, the potential market is huge and expanding. We will all benefit from increased skills levels across the region, as well as improved perceptions of the continent’s ICT capacity. I’m confident that companies attending ACT 2003 will find that co-operation and alliances, rather than competition, will be the order of the day."

AITEC will hold the event in partnership with Publi-Promo, the leading exhibition company in Mauritius.

The following will be the key streams within the Summit:

Ø Business Process Outsourcing Forum
Ø Knowledge Sharing
Ø The African Open Source Forum, is associate with the Free & Open Source Foundation for Africa
Ø eGovernment Forum in association with the UN Economic Commission for Africa
Ø ICT Policy & Telecoms Regulation
Ø Telecommunication Operators Forum
Ø ICT for Development

The ACT Summit has been held in the UK, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria in previous years. Over 2,000 African ICT professionals, managers, resellers, innovators and policy-makers have benefited from the Summit’s intensive knowledge-sharing platform.

For further details of ACT 2004, contact:
IN MAURITIUS: Didier de Senneville, MD, Publi-Promo Tel 208-3873; Mobile: 255-7677
INTERNATIONAL: Sean Moroney, AITEC Africa, Tel: +44-1480-495595


As you know, AfriNIC is organizing its first public policy meeting, AfriNIC-I in Dakar (Senegal) on 23rd & 24th May 2004. This meeting intends to provide a public forum to the African Internet community to discuss different issues related to the registry setup, IP address allocation policies in Africa, and the transition plan from the operating Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). During the meeting AfriNIC members will also receive updates from RIRs on activities in their region and their interaction with African Local Internet Registries.

The meeting is organised back-to-back with the AfNOG V event and will convene most of the Internet key players of the continent. The venue is NGOR hotel.