A nationwide broadband infrastructure aimed at reaching over 600 woredas is under construction throughout the country, officials of the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) disclosed at the Addis Ababa Hilton last Thursday. The officials said that the multimillion dollar project is being constructed using the latest satellite communications technology.

"We at ETC say ‘Dream No more!!" It is constructing a nationwide Broadband infrastructure that could cater for all business/entertainment solution requirements and more," they said.

Ato Asfaw Haile Mariam, IT and Data System Department Head at ETC said that the broadband infrastructure, being constructed in the country is a three-pronged initiative encompassing Broadband VSAT, Broadband Multimedia and Broadband Internet Projects. Asfaw indicated that the construction will help the current poor internet service to rise to high quality and speed.

According to him, the current Internet infrastructure project which cost not more than 2 million US dollars will be expanded to tens of million US dollars project. He said that the currently being constructed technology will help Ethiopia to have a town-to-town network infrastructure even in remote areas.

"Broadband is a means of providing bundled service on the same network with better quality, availability, and payment with flexibility as per the customer’s requirement," he added.

Asfaw also indicated that using the latest satellite communication technology, 454 high schools, 620 woredas and 36 Agricultural Research Centers across the country will benefit from this network.

The Daily Monitor