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Issue 193: Telecentres special: Reaching those parts the market cannot yet reach

I am Italian consultant, and I want to point out that the market, and the organization I work with has supplied over one hundred VSAT, the bricks for a telecenter, and prices that are competitive with an ADSL connection in an African city, or cheaper even.

So it is about time that this issue about sustainability is bush-cleared out of the way. It is a fact, that as of the last 6 months we have supplied and have running a number of more that 100 VSAT stations across Sub-Saharan Africa, and they work very well. In addition they do not require any skilled personnel on site, and our customers install the stations by themselves, according to our special instructions. Seldom a phone call is needed

These days we are downloading 6 GB per day for all users. I would be interested in publishing some article with you in order to change the trend of pessimism, and try to open a new wind of hope for far out regions, where a telecenter would pay for itself with the telephony service alone.

Riccardo Moro