Internet News - In Brief


- South African internet application provider Warp 10 has announced that it will offer up to R1 million a month to one of its users for the foreseeable future as part of its drive to promote its application. Warp 10 spokesman Ruaan Nel says the application provides a number of services, including chatting, dating, news updates, e-mail and instant messaging, and was designed to get South Africans to be able to interact with each other. "The revenue model is structured on a cost-per-click basis. Companies that are partaking in the directory are able to manage their accounts and will only pay for the click-throughs to their Web site. How much they are prepared to bid for a click-through will determine where they are placed in the directory," he says.

- Gilat Satellite Networks has launched its SkyEdge product family, which it says is the first set of VSAT products able to operate via a single hub.