Internet News - In Brief


- All Kenyan Government ministries and departments will be accessed on the internet as from June this year. National Security minister Chris Murungaru said last week the ambitious programme, under which websites would be developed for each ministry and department, would cost Sh2.5 billion spread over five years. 201

- The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the technical co-ordinating body for the Internet, has certified three further organisations in Africa (the Moroccan Internet Society, Anais.AC and the Sudan Internet Society) to become ŒAt Large Structures’. These organisations facilitate the informed, structured participation of the Œgrass roots’ individual Internet user community (ŒAt-large’) in the information and communication technology (ICT) decision-making undertaken by ICANN.

- South African, the FirstRand internet banking portal and rewards programme initiative which offers customers a full-service internet banking facility and shopping solution is implementing SAS Web Analytics to spruce up its website.

- Two AfriNIC staff completed their 6 months training at RIPE NCC. With the experience gained, they are now ready to technically and administratively enable AfriNIC get operational.The two staff are in the process of relocating to Pretoria, South Africa. Though several administrative issues relating to their work permits in South Africa are not yet solved, they are one site with temporary visas to start dealing with the urgent actions related to the establishment of AfriNIC technical operations in order to beat the deadlines in its transition plan.

- Problems seem to be continuing at NCS, administrators of the .gh domain. Africa Online’s Corporate Sales Manager Sammy Allotey wrote customers saying:"The problem stems from the resolution of the ".gh" domain, which is administered by Network Computer Systems (NCS). You would therefore not receive/send mail to other domains (i.e. External mail) except those for the "" domain (i.e. Internal mail). We have contacted NCS and are collaborating to have the problem resolved in the next few hours".