* US Ambassador Aurelia Brazeal to Ethiopia said last week"...there are some things that investors look at that are not quite here yet: an open telecommunications market. Investors have got to be able to communicate," Brazeal stressed. "The banking sector is very important in terms of banking sector reform, because you have to be able to move your money in and out," she added. Brazeal warned that foreign donors would be unable to meet continual emergency needs in Ethiopia and that long-term solutions were needed. Last year alone the US supplied more than $500 million worth of food aid to 14 million people who were in need there.

* On the move: Dimension Data has appointed Brett Dawson as group CEO and executive board member of Dimension Data.

* Professor W.R.B Wigglesworth, the Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization consultant, said cost analysis for detailed telecommunications interconnection was vital in saving as referral cost price base and in settling interconnection disputes. Ending a five-day training tour of East African countries, Lesotho and Ethiopia, the consultant said Tanzania had started to make the detailed analysis.